Retail and E-commerce concept

RETAIL AND E-COMMERCE CONCEPT is a structured modular professional service package that allows you, as the manufacturer, to choose which individual elements you wish to allocate to Tholen as your retail and e-commerce management partner for the GSA sales region. The system is based on the four key elements of the manufacturer-to-retail-to-e-commerce value chain, starting with the STRATEGY phase. In this initial step, we advise you on the optimum launch, retail and e-commerce management strategy. This is based on a detailed assessment of the existing market situation in terms of the product segment of which you wish to focus on.

Following your approval of the concept, we will set up the multi-channel-SALES program. We do this by allocating field sales resources and promotional activities, plus key account management if required, to achieve the agreed targets. In the SUPPORT area, we provide an end-to-end administrative service, as well as full distribution logistics, returns and dropshipment which may be outsourced under our supervision.

Finally, the SUSTAINABILITY of your local business is driven by brand-building activities that ensure sustained profits by maximizing the availability. We also excell in all channel price balanced policies through special conditions and terms. The after sales program ensures product quality and customer access to product details.

The graphical illustration shows the RETAIL AND E-COMMERCE CONCEPT, which allows you to individually select the modules you require for the GSA market.


Creating selective, customised strategies
The first step in the Tholen System is to prepare an optimum go-to-market strategy for the manufacturer.
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Your product-our selling system
Working within the agreed plan, we allocate sales resources from our long-established, experienced field sales team.
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End-to-end service for your customers
The all-round support process is a special feature of the concept. This ensures smooth and reliable end-to-end back-office and accounting services at all times.
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Brand building for long-term growth
The ultimate goal of the Tholen System is to secure long-term growth and profitability by establishing a sustainable local business for your brand.
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We are committed to building up your brand over time in order to sustain growth and profitability in the long term. The graphical illustration shows the THOLEN RETAIL AND E-COMMERCE CONCEPT, which allows you to individually select the modules you require for the GSA market.
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